Mungham Development


Mungham Development is a decidedly small Computer repair & media development studio located in Kansas City. There are no corporate offices to be photographed or teams of anonymous people doing all of the work in the background. I personally develop and maintain websites for each of my clients and work with a small team of trusted colleagues to ensure that I deliver websites to the highest design and development standards possible. Along with creating beautiful, clean, functional websites, I also perform all types of computer repair.

From desktops to laptops, if your computing device is not functioning properly, I can get it repaired quickly and get you going again. If your computer is functioning and is able to connect to the internet, I can most likely perform certain repairs on it remotely like: Cleaning up your start-up programs, remove any unnecessary browser tool-bars, run security scans and virus checks and more. So, if you are having issues with your computer, request appointment to schedule service or submit a contact request. I only work by appointment.